Daniel DiasProgramador

    Daniel is a multifaceted professional.

    He is a native of Lisbon, where he lived all his childhood, starting to live in Cacém from the age of 14.

    He took the technological course in Informatics, a course that ended in 2007 with the final classification of 16 points, becoming the professional designation of Computer Technician.

    Daniel revealed his skills for programming early on, starting to enjoy the income of a web platform created by him, with only 16 years old.

    As a programmer he collaborates at Laranja Digital and Orange Dynamic.
    But alongside this activity, he dedicated himself to another one, lighting, creating his own company in 2007, LED’s by Lord, which is a company that sells led lighting, works essentially online, although he makes assemblies himself when asked by the customer.

    Very dedicated, dynamic and persistent, I would say that he can do everything he proposes.

    And without a doubt everything that has to do with electronics fascinates you.

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